How to Do Paint by Number Art Kits on Canvas?

Paint by number art is fun. But want to know what's more fun? Um, shall we keep that a surprise, or you want us to unleash it now? Well, we can’t wait, so we better disclose.

The most fun, entertaining, and enjoyable thing to do is custom paint by numbers. Yes, you read that right. You can now have your favorite picture customized as a personalized photo paint by numbers kit and spend your afternoon delightfully.

Custom Photo Paint By Numbers Art

Tips to Get the Custom Paint by Numbers Right!

If you are a beginner, then trust us; these tips will come really handy. Obviously, we don’t want the excitement to get overshadowed by the difficulty of getting it right in the first place. Let’s dive straight into them before we give you a proper guide on “how to do paint by number art kits on canvas.”

  • Don’t Rush

Maybe it's time you apply that song lyrics while painting your first custom paint-by-number canvas. The song says, “Don’t rush, soft touch.” Yes, you need to be really calm and not hurrying up while painting the canvas. 

Here is a disclaimer, custom paint by number can get you really excited, and rightfully so. But you need to stay calm, or else you might paint the wrong color on the canvas. 

  • Comfort Comes First

Don’t forget you ordered a personalized paint by number kit to detach yourself from the real world for a while. To be able to spend some time with yourself and doing something that will make you eternally happy.

But imagine getting a neck sprain while painting. Even the idea hurts. Hence, make sure you find yourself in a comfortable position. Switching places is always a good idea. Moreover, the canvas will have various little details.

Therefore, it is recommended that you spread your painting time over the course of a longer period than just aiming to complete it in one night.

Talking about the right position to prevent any ache or sprains, so there isn’t any hard and fast rule. The longer you sit, the stiffer your body parts will become. To make your painting experience delightful and pleasurable, keep moving. Maybe shifting from a table to the floor and then standing can help you.

Painting Kit

  • Cover Things Up

Be aware that you are playing around with paints, and that to acrylics. In case you didn’t know, then a custom paint-by-number canvas kit comes with various acrylic paints that might be hard to erase off from various surfaces.

We are warning you; acrylics look appealing on canvas only. 
You need to cover up the furniture around and the floor in case you drop off any paint.

At least you are not worried about getting it off the surface instantly. In this case, the newspaper can be your best friend.

  • Clean the Brushes

The paint by number art kits from Personalize Everything come with a set of three brushes. However, there are various colors for the canvas. Hence, always make sure that before dipping the same brush in another painting, you need to clean it.

Keeping a cup of water will be your rescue, to else get ready to run back and forth to your sink for washing. Also, you would require a couple of paper or cloth towels to dry the brush bristles.

Another reason why you need to clean your brushes is to prevent different colors from mixing up until or unless it is the requirement for the numbered part.

  • A Well-Lighted Room

You need to make sure that you sit either in daylight or in a well-lighted room. This will help you spot the numbers clearly so that you don’t end up making any mistakes.

Another thing that can really help here is that you can use a lamp behind the canvas cloth to spot the numbers because, in often places, there might be a tiny number that might not be possible to see otherwise. 

A magnifying glass can help you see the numbers at the tiny places so that you don’t get the points wrong and end up filling them with the wrong color paint.

Paint by numbers info graphic for beginners

How to Do Paint by Number Art Kits On Canvas

Now, onto the guide. 

  • Open up your custom paint by number canvas kit. Make sure that you have every item out of the kit and laid in front of you on a flat surface. This allows easy access to everything required for painting on the canvas.
What you will find in Personalize Everything custom paint by numbers kit: 
    • Numbered set of acrylic paints
    • A high-quality the printed canvas of your customized photo
    • A set of three brushes including a small, medium, and a large size brush
  • The next step is to unroll the canvas and surprise yourself with that print of the photo you had submitted on the website. The rolling of the canvas cloth can cause it to wrinkle. Hence, in order to have a flattened and straightened-up canvas, you will require to run the iron.

    A pro tip here: make sure the surface of the iron is clean before ironing. The stain on the iron metal can leave the canvas blemished.
  • Now is the time to fix the canvas. What do we mean by fixing the canvas? The canvas isn’t attached to anything. There are high chances that whenever you sit down to paint, it might slip, destroying the canvas. Or you might end up dropping the color here or there.

    Therefore, it’s always a good idea to safely secure the canvas with a base. You can do that with the help of masking tape, or if you want, then pin it up with the wooden board behind. The choice is totally yours, but the point is to make sure that you have a stable canvas to work on.

Paint by numbers Photo Art

  • Start small, and it is rather wise that you start with a small spot numbered on the canvas. This will also you to patch test several things.

    Firstly, you will be able to identify the consistency of the paint and how well it blends or glides on the canvas.

    Secondly, you would be able to see for yourself that how much paint would work and if it spreads or anything. In addition to everything else, it will prove to be a testing guide as to which quantity of paint would of an optimal level where the base of the canvas is fully covered by at the same time the paint doesn’t go to the next numbered part.
  • People say you don’t have to be Picasso to paint a masterpiece. Well, thanks to paint-by-number art. But imagine that you end up smudging even the numbered painting. Now, that would be some real shame. Hence, work in order.

    Top-to-bottom and left-to-right is the right strategy if you are a right-handed person. This doesn’t leave any room for error or, by chance, smudges with your hand direction. Any slight negligence will cause you to ruin your painting completely. Especially when it’s the gift pack, and you are painting your surprise to your loved one, you need to be extra cautious.

Personalized Paint by Numbers Canvas

  • Don’t forget to cover the numbers properly. That would be a great deal of embarrassment when you hang the custom paint by number canvas in your lounge, all the number haunting you beneath the color.

    Wouldn’t it be a nightmare? Therefore, save yourself the trauma and apply rather a thick layer on the numbers so completely fade away the markings.
  • Close the lid of acrylic paints every time you open them. Moreover, make sure that you always scoop out a small amount of the lid in the coloring pallet if you are using any.

    Otherwise, cover up the paint as soon as you are done. The reason being, acrylics get dried really quickly. Hence, you don’t want to run out of paint before the painting is done, do you?

    Getting one number done with the same color will help you to prevent the paint from drying. This is the one way, but you can always use a technique that suits you well.
  • Matching is important. Now is the time where you finally use the concept of matching the correct shape with the correct name you learned in kindergarten. Match the number on acrylic paints that will come in your personalized photo paint by number kit with the numbers mentioned on the canvas. 

If you follow all these eight tips, then there is no way you get the painting wrong, even as a beginner. If you really want to attenuate the painting experience, then make sure that you don’t push yourself to complete the whole canvas in one sitting. You should rather give it time and have fun while doing it. After all, that’s the purpose of Personalize everything’s paint by number art kits.

Painting Palette

To Use Gesso or To Not

Now, this bit really caught up the people as they are confused about its usage. What Gesso is and when and how it should be used is a debate for another day.

But what you need to know is essential in respect to custom paint-by-number canvas painting in general. Gesso is more like a primer for the canvas to give it a steadier base to work on. It helps in preventing the acrylics paints from soaking in the weave of canvas cloth and rather hold on to the amount. 

Out of various types of Gesso, you are supposed to use a clear Gesso, especially on the paint by number canvas, as it will still enable you to see the numbers through. 

Painting Basics for Paint by Number Canvas

A little knowledge of the basics can make your first painting experience rather pleasant. Hence, there is no harm in gathering some knowledge before you jump on your paint by number canvas.

Using an easel can help you to move the canvas anywhere you want to without ruining the paint. It will also help you maintain a comfortable position.
Acrylic paints get dry really fast; make sure that you work with them quickly.

Remove the creases from the canvas before you start painting.
Wetting the bristles of your brush before painting can help them open, which eases the process.

Personalize Everything

We at personalize everything want you to cherish every moment of your experience. Therefore, we are offering personalized photo paint by numbers kit. All you have to do is visit our website. Select a photo that you want a sketch on canvas for and upload.

The rest is on us. Once you place an order, you will receive a whole kit on your doorsteps, including the high-quality sketch on the canvas too. The best part about the kit is that you will have everything you will require to paint on the canvas. For instance, from the sketch to paint to brushes, it will comprise everything.

Once done, you can either frame it, or if not, then you have another DIY way to hang it wherever you want to. If you think that making holes in the painting for hanging purposes might ruin it, then you can use double tape to fix the canvas wherever you want. Isn’t it amazing?


Painting can be more than art. For some, it might be a hobby that helps them to eliminate the outside energy. For others, it is a form of expression. In this case a paint by numbers kit, it can be a source of expressing affection to people you love. 

Apart from a great activity for the evening, you can surprise your loved ones with this precious art canvas, and we swear by it, they will genuinely feel touched after all who doesn’t like customized gifts at the end of the day.

If you are looking for something to surprise the precious people in your life, there is no other way than painting and gifting a personalized paint by number art. What are you waiting for? Order a kit now by visiting Personalize Everything.

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