Paint by Numbers Will Be Your Next Favorite Self Care Hobby

There's no shortage of options for self-care these days. With everything that's going on in the world right now, there's no surprise people want to wind down their fast-paced lives.

If your self-care checklist prioritizes getting back to the basics, there's nothing better than working on an art project.

Paint by numbers kits were trendy during our childhoods and have come back with a bang.

If you're looking for a de-stressing hobby to pick up during the weekend, there's nothing better than a paint by numbers kit to get you started.

What Is Paint By Numbers?

Paint by numbers is a system in which a photo is segmented into shapes and marked with numbers. Each number corresponds to a specific color, and once filled in, the image becomes a completed painting.

The first paint by numbers piece goes as far back as the 16th century and was introduced by Michelangelo during the great Renaissance. He used this method to assign parts of his ceiling-scapes for his students to paint to prevent any mistakes in the finished design.

A paintbrush dipping into paint

Today, paint by numbers is an approach that’s loved by people of all ages worldwide. Painting is shown to elicit a significant decrease in stress levels and helps bolster emotional and physical well-being.

The Charm Of Paint By Numbers

You may associate paint by numbers art with your childhood. But it can be highly soothing for those who are new to the concept or are rediscovering it as adults.

Working on a paint by numbers piece allows you to immerse yourself in the repetitive task of filling in color with its corresponding number.  

Paint by numbers kits will include a piece of canvas or paper that has your chosen design outlined and numbered. It will also include the different colored paint pots and the various paintbrushes needed for the piece.

Your DIY kit will consist of directions that explain the paint by numbers process in detail, but the task is relatively simple.

All you have to do is fill in the white spaces on the canvas with the paint. You'll know exactly which color to use on which number because the paint containers come labeled with the numbers.

Depending on how complex your chosen design is, you can even mix and match paints to create new colors.

Most of your time will be spent painting mindlessly, so your body and brain can both revel in the break. The best part about paint by numbers is its ease of use, so no matter what your artistic abilities are, you'll be able to enjoy the activity thoroughly.

The Perfect Quarantine Activity:

Completing a paint by numbers artwork will require you to dedicate some time to it. Because most of us are stuck at home for most of our time these days, paint by numbers is the ideal activity to help you pass the time.

If you're looking for a way to keep your mind and hands busy, our paint by numbers kits are perfect for you. Personalize Everything provides premium paint by numbers kits for artists of all ages and skillsets, customized just for you! Get in touch to order one today.

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