Why Is Paint By Numbers So Popular?

Paint by numbers makes it easy for unskilled people to approach and make art. You don't need to have prior knowledge, experience, or expertise to do it; all you need to know is how to match the paint colors to the numbers assigned to them.

Amateurs of all ages can create vivid masterpieces with paint by numbers kits easily. Because of this, paint by numbers is becoming increasingly popular among artists of all ages and skillsets.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, it allowed us to keep our minds and hands occupied while making something creative. Moreover, it gives everyone a chance to explore their creativity and dip their toes into the art world.

They are available in a wide array of designs to fit the tastes of every kind of painter. Companies like Personalize Everything make personalized paint by numbers kits for adults and children.

We can even customize your art piece on request so that you can create a painting that holds high sentimental value for you on a paint by numbers canvas. Get in touch with them to order their custom paint by number kit online.

Paint By Numbers:

Paint by number art pieces use a system in which a photo is divided into shapes, and each shape is numbered. Each number represents a particular color, which is provided in the kits. When all the pieces are painted, the work comes together to form a completed picture.

The first paint by numbers painting can be accredited to the great Renaissance artist Michelangelo in the 16th century.

Paintbrushes and watercolors

He painted numbers on parts of his ceiling paintings to divide the work between his apprentices. This ensured there would be no room for error and confusion between his students.

Since then, paint by numbers has come a long way. Here are a few reasons that contribute to its continued popularity:

It's A Complete Package:

The best thing about paint by numbers kits is that they include everything you need right there in the box. Once you have the equipment in your hands, you can get started on your artwork right away.

We often get a creative idea for art in our heads but may not have the tools needed to execute it. By the time you're done shopping for all the resources, you may not even want to make the art anymore.

But with paint by numbers kits, you get the canvas, paint pods, brushes, and instructions all in one box, allowing you to save your time.

You Don't Need To Be A Skilled Artist:

A common misconception that people have is that you need to be a celebrated artist to make art. Paint by numbers throws this notion out of the window with its ease of use.

Everyone from small children to adults can enjoy this activity, and you don't need to have any experience either.

Paint by numbers can also help learning artists practice brush control, and professional artists can use it to learn from others' work.

It's A Relaxing Activity:

Painting has been proven to calm the mind and relax the body. Paint by numbers allows you to choose different artworks to create, and you can unwind and focus while engaging in the repetitive task of painting color on each number.

There's no wonder that all of us are huge fans of paint by numbers. They are a great way to pass the time, and there's no reason for anyone not to participate in the activity.

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    I really want to get my own paint by numbers from you guys but i don’t know if i will have the patience to paint it all :/

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