Photo Projection Necklace With Picture Inside

Looking for a necklace with picture inside?


We work with expert jewelers who use high-quality and enduring materials so you can surprise your special someone with unique personalized jewelry designed just for them. 

This is the best way to preserve your memories.

Your photo is hidden inside the photo projection necklace, and by projecting it under a beam of light, the message can be seen.

It can be a picture of your family, your better half, your friends, or even your pets. 

Customize your own necklace with photo inside and enjoy your most unique piece of jewelry.

Don’t let the memories fade!


Minimal Photo Necklace Round with Picture Inside

Keep your favorite photo close to your heart with this beautiful simple personalized photo necklace!

All you have to do is just select an image of your choice, upload the image, and we will do the rest.

Let's make a only necklace in the world for yourself or your loved one as the birthday or valentine's day gift.


Pet Photo Necklace with Picture Inside

This custom dog necklace will be a continual reminder of the enjoyable and humorous times you've shared with your pet.

All types of outfits and situations will look great with this sterling silver paw design necklace.


Heart Necklace with Picture Inside First Design

This personalized heart projection necklace is a unique piece of jewelry for everything you love in life.

Each necklace is custom-made, designed, and produced by talented crafters.

For significant women and girls in your life, this love you projection necklace makes a wonderful birthday, anniversary, holiday, or "just because" present.


Personalized Heart Projection Necklace Second Design


This necklace serves as a wonderful memento of a declaration of love.

It holds your favorite picture in the center and can project it to say "I Love You" or "Happy Birthday" in 100 different languages.

Come and make your own one-of-a-kind necklace.


Personalized Heart Projection Necklace Third Design

Wanna know the secret to attracting and winning a woman’s heart?

Well, we got you.

You may be asking so what's that special about all this necklaces?

This custom heart picture projection necklace features I love you written in 100 different languages and is made in the shape of a romantic, traditional heart.

The circle gemstone inlay symbolizes true love.


Memorial Microscopic Carvings Necklace with Picture Inside

We all know the language of love.

This memorial microscopic carvings necklace is very elegant and traditional.

Roman numerals 5201314, which are engraved around the necklace, stand for "to love you forever".

This glittering necklace features a small carving or design of a kissing pair around a writing circle.

It is the ideal present for your partner, friends, and any other loved one you treasure.


Antler Projection Necklace with Picture Inside

You can display your preferred image in the middle of a personalized antler shape necklace.

With this custom photo projection necklace, you may wear a picture of your happiest moments every day.

This distinctive necklace shows true uniqueness and creativity. 


Lucky Four Leaf Projection Necklace with Picture Inside

Based on the four-leaf clover, this lucky four leaf projection necklace with picture inside includes a leaf for each of the following: name, money, a loving lover, and glorious health.

This necklace is also made more dandy by the black precious stone in the center of the pendant.

With your chosen image projected to the center, you may express "I Love You" in 100 different languages.

Make your loved one surprised and do not let the memories fade!