69+ Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners

Have you ever stared at a blank canvas and asked yourself,' hmm, what to paint?' and then rushed on the internet to look up for some things to paint with step by step guide?

Don't be disappointed if your painting didn't turn out how it was portrayed on the internet because, let's be honest here, these easy paintings aren't that simple at all. 

Let me break something unique to you; if you are still pondering for easy things to paint on a canvas without having any expert experience on painting, then I might have something for you. Try getting your desired picture printed on a paint-by-number canvas.

What is Paint by Number?

You might have heard about paint by number kits on the internet or someone new to painting; ever wondered what it is? Paint by number is a medium of filling colors on the canvas in the easiest way possible; how? When you order a paint-by-number canvas, you have to send the vendor your desired photo. 

They turn that complex picture into a series of lines and numbers, making it easy for you to fill colors between those lines over the numbers. Yes, it is that easy; once you get ahold of the right way to paint on a paint-by-number canvas, there is no picture you can't paint, no matter how many colors there are or how complex it looks. 

What Do You Get in A Paint-by-Number Canvas Kit?

Paint by number sounds easy to paint, but how will you know which color to put in what area and what brush to use for that color? Well, it's pretty simple; the paint by number kit comes with the colors you would need for that picture.

They also number the paint, so you know what colour to put in what area; it can't get easier than this. 

You also get brushes, a smaller size of your original picture, just for reference, and a canvas with your image smartly printed on it. 

Does Paint by Number Give the Same Results as Painting Yourself from the Start?

If you paint on a paint-by-number kit, you might be thinking that it would look blocky and painted as if painted by a child, but it's not the case. Yes, you need a little expertise in how to paint on the canvas and what equipments to use, but once you get ahold of it, your painting will look like something painted by a professional. 

You can follow some excellent paint by number tips and tricks like using clear gesso before painting or blurring between the lines to achieve a more breathtaking result. But are you worried about what to paint now because once you realize painting is that easy, the options get unlimited? Don't worry, ill give you some suggestions ahead in the read.  

Why Choose Paint by Number?

Let me make these many easy painting ideas simpler for you. Don't you think it's better to get a beautiful painting customized on a paint-by-number canvas rather than spinning your head around things to paint? 

This suggestion is incredibly best if you are looking for an easy painting for beginners because, come on, filling colors in a picture is supposed to be free and fun, not about following a guide.

So stop searching for something to paint on paper right now because I will take you for a dive into a world full of cool things to paint after getting them customized on paint by number. 

X Cool Pictures to Paint - Best and Easy Painting Ideas! 

The following beginner painting ideas will blow your mind. The most astounding part? I can get them customized just by a single upload and get a kit delivered at my house in no time with everything needed to paint inside.

It can't get more straightforward than this cool easy painting idea. These painting ideas easy will undoubtedly make you visit the custom paint-by-number site and order immediately. 

Some Dramatic Dynamic Good Things to Paint

  1. The Dew

The Dew Flower Painting

All Images Source: Pixabay

The details. It might look like it's not an easy painting for beginners, but you can do it too. How? By opting for a paint-by-number kit. 

This piece will test your blurring and shading out skills, along with adding a little shine to your canvas for that complete look. Concentration and patience will be your key, but the result would be breathtaking.

  1. The Shrieking Beauty

The Shrieking Beauty Painting

This is where the affairs between colors will get intense, and you will pause a bit to ask yourself, 'will it be easy painting this?'

Not to worry, you will nail this beautiful mixture of shiny holo colors on a paint-by-number canvas. All you need to do is take one color at a time, and you are good to go. 

  1. The Colour Affair

Painting - "The Colour Affair"

I personally really admire the mixture of colours taking place in the same picture. The key to achieving a perfect final look like the picture will be starting with the brighter tones. 

It will also require some extra effort when it comes to the blurring and shading part and choosing the right areas to paint first. If you get ahold of it, then this picture will come below your list of easy-to-print photos.

  1. A Delight

Painting - "A Delight"

This might look like an ordinary-looking tart on the table, but you will undoubtedly feel the appeal to it when you look closely. Painting this will be as fun as looking at it or eating it warm.

The shades, the shadows, everything will come to life, and your paint will feel sensitive to your touch after you end up with this piece. It's incredible to see how many options you have in cool things to paint once you decide to get it customized. 

  1. A Face Unforgettable

Painting - "A Face Unforgettable"

There is just something about these beautiful happy faces that you can't possibly ignore; this portrait will make a beautiful statement hanging in your home.

What's better? You will paint it. The tip to perfect this piece is to start from the face, the darker areas, and the lighter ones. The process will get much more straightforward once portrayed on paint by number. 

  1. Golden Lights

Painting - "Golden Lights"

Buildings like these have always intrigued me and caught my attention. It's beautiful how it looks the same shade of golden and yellow all over but still tends to keep up the character with the other colours.

It would be an absolute delight getting to paint it; if I were you, I'd start from the buildings and details.

  1. The Smile

Painting - "The Smile"

Something about these naughty little creatures always gets us. If you want to feel a little positive and light-hearted, then painting this beautiful baby portrait will do just the proper justice to your mood. 

  1. The Holy Affair

Painting - "The Holy Affair"

So plain and simple yet still making a statement, this picture represents so much. It makes you feel calm and tranquillity and love at the same time. The simplicity of colours and the aura is what wins here.

This will be a perfect gift to paint for recently married someone, maybe a gift for your spouse?

9.Empower Me

Painting - "Empower Me"

Simple, empowering, and beautiful. This portrait feels like it's straight out of a museum made by a named artist. Well, now you can paint it yourself and pat yourself on the back for it.

The sequence of plain colours mixed brings the whole thing together.

  1. The Calm

Painting - "The Calm"

This looks like the place I would love to spend a whole eternity in, then why not paint it and feel the peace and calm? 

Let me give you a tip if you go for this piece, start from the building details and move to the orange and yellow at the very end.

Some "Aww" Worthy Ones

Some of the following ones are perfect for painting with your kids on a paint-by-number canvas. Let's dig in. 

  1. Hedgehog

Painting - "Hedgehog"

There is nothing cuter and lovable than babies and animals. I love how the painting displays the spikes even as not harmful at all. 

This piece would be perfect for painting and enjoying.

  1. Siblings

Painting - "Siblings"

I love this picture, not just because of the gesture and the feelings portrayed here but also because of the colour combinations, which will be extremely exciting to paint. 

  1. Silly Cat

Painting - "Silly Cat"

What's better than a cute cat? A silly cat sitting like a human. This portrait will be enough to speak a joy of laughter among a crowd. Not just that, the colour dynamics are lovely. 

  1. Those Eyes

Painting - "Those Eyes"

Puppy eyes and coffee, two things I can't turn down, but these puppy eyes would look and feel better on my wall than coffee. Then why not paint it on a paint-by-number canvas? 

  1. The Girl in the Green Coat

Painting - "The Girl in the Green Coat"

There is something about children and their laughter that is so contagious and beautiful; you can't get enough of it. This painting gives me the same vibes; I love how the green coat highlights everything. 

  1. Sweet

Painting - "Christmas Cookies"

You can't convince me that there is anything cuter and interesting than Christmas sweets and cookies. This painting especially stands out because it's almost like you could feel the texture of these marvellous cookies. 

  1. Lend a Hand

Painting - "Lend a Hand"

Friends are the family that we choose to be with ourselves; I would pick this portrait in an instant if I were looking to pay tribute to someone when it comes to friendship. 

  1. Man's Best Pal

Painting - "Man's Best Pal"

Everything about this piece leaves me in AWE, especially our furry friend. If you have a furry friend, then you would love to paint this portrait. 

  1. Love

Painting - "Love"

What would we do without it, right? This portrait is perfect for celebrating love in the best way; paint it! 

  1. Known for Ages

Painting - "Known for Ages"

It looks like they both go way back; this picture represents so much to the artist. I would love to have this sort of energy around me!

Let's Look into Some Other Ones Too! 

  1. Just, umm. Married? 

Painting - "Just, umm. Married"

Are you a couple who is just married but pumping with adventure? Well, then this portrait right here will be perfect, to sum up your relationship. 

  1. Waterfall

Painting - "Waterfall"

Do you enjoy serene waterfalls that end up in a harsh-looking sea? Then let's paint it easily by getting this picture customized on a paint-by-number kit. 

  1. Travel! 

Painting - "Travel!"

Do you love travelling? And beaches sounds like a place you could live in? Then this portrait is perfect to represent your free spirit. 

  1. Beauty in Old

Painting - "Beauty in Old"

If you love the aesthetics that old places and things have to offer, this might be your go-to picture. The colour combination and the ancient vibe that this piece gives off are genuinely fascinating. 

  1. Lone Wolf

Painting - "Lone Wolf"

Many of us love to have our own space and zone out. Why not represent it with this beautiful piece of art? 

  1. Where Two Worlds Merge

Painting - "Where Two Worlds Merge"

This portrait is genuinely unreal; it looks like two very different moods merging at the same place; if you are a true artist at heart, you will love to give this piece a go. 

  1. Taunting Nature

Painting - "Taunting Nature"

As beautiful as these white dandelions might look, you never know what's going on in there. This almost frightening picture of just a random dandelion will be entertaining to paint and finish. 

  1. Pink Garden

Painting - "Pink Garden"

Something about these gardens and flowers is genuinely intimidating when it comes to painting; it feels like drawing nature again on a canvas. If you feel the same way, then you would love to work on this piece. 

  1. So Serene 

Painting - "So Serene"

Something about this cultural or religious place somewhere in Asia brings out the peace and calmness in me. Want to see if it works for you too? Then get it customized on a paint-by-number canvas. 

  1. A Moment to Remember

Painting - "A Moment to Remember"

It's so amazing to see how the photographer captures the right moment. Maybe you, as an artist, do a better job at portraying the emotions you feel and put them on a canvas. What are you waiting for? 

  1. Out of this World

Painting - "Out of this World"

It's okay to feel alien sometimes; this is why I added this portrait, to sum up those mystical feelings we get sometimes. Painting our hearts out to them would help. If you pick this portrait, be sure to start with the lighter shades. 

  1. Shells

Painting - "Shells"

This piece reminded me of the childhood beach trips, making it a must-have in our list as it sums up the memories beautifully. If you go on to paint it, then make sure to get the background first. 

  1. A Fairy Tale

Painting - "A Fairy Tale"

Big, majestic, and straight out of my price charming world, horses with beautiful maidens never fail to amuse me. The colours are not complex in this portrait, making it easy and straightforward to paint. 

  1. Beauty at its Finest

Painting - "Beauty at its Finest"

My eyes are still in disbelief since I came across this wonder of nature. The colours are so organized and straightforward; it would be an enjoyable and exciting project to complete. 

  1. Not so Scary Anymore

Painting - "Not so Scary Anymore"

The graveyard doesn't have to be scary at all; I love how life and death and represented at the same time here, with plants and flowers blooming over the graves. It just gives off such an emotional connection along with vibrant colours. 

  1. Simple

Painting - "Simple"

There is no better way of explaining nature and beauty other than simplicity, and this portrait gets it. The mirroring effect, the colours, everything else will be bliss to paint. 

  1. Some More Nature

Painting - "Some More Nature"

Painting the beauty of nature is one of the most calming and freeing feeling that you would encounter. If you observe the colour pattern, you will notice that shading and choosing the right background colour dominates here. Overall, it would make a perfect fit for over the sofa in your living room.

  1. Yawning Danger

Painting - "Yawning Danger"

I love this portrait, not just because of the colors but because of how the dangerous king of the jungle looks so vulnerable and cute, yawning and sitting with the missus. I'm sure this portrait would be the most fun and exciting to paint. Luckily you can get it customized easily on your paint-by-number canvas and impress everyone with your excellent painting skills. 

5 Tips to Follow to Paint Efficiently on a Paint-by-Number Kit

Are these pictures looking impossible to paint with expertise on a paint-by-number kit? Don't worry; I'll give you some fantastic paint by number tips and tricks that you can follow for these pictures above. 

  1. Use clear gesso. I can't emphasize how much clear gesso is essential if you want your easy painting to look professional and more finished. A coat of clear gesso will make the canvas more textured, helping the paint to stay on more efficiently and adequately. 
  2. Blur in between. If you want these paintings to look realistic and worthy of hanging on your wall, make sure your result is not blocky or else it would surely make it look that you are painting on numbers. The best way to avoid that impression is to blur between the lines and numbers. Make sure you blur it out when both sides of the paint are wet, or else you would end up with a nasty colored smudge. 
  3. Use the right brushes. There is no harm in buying more brushes, and if you feel like the brushes that came with the kit are not enough, then go ahead and buy more. 
  4. Start from the top. Painting can be messy, and there could be a lot of mistakes, don't worry if you make a lot of them because, in the end, it's all about fun. But still, if you want to avoid those mistakes, keep in mind to start from the top. It would help no matter how complex the picture might look. 
  5. Keep a wet cloth. First of all, by wet, I mean damp and not dripping wet. Now, what will this wet cloth do? It will help you blur out the harsh paint lines quickly, and it would be great to wipe off any mistakes. But make sure you have a separate one for each purpose, or else your canvas will end up in a complete mess. Also, make sure to wipe with one stroke and with a light hand; many harsh strokes will damage your canvas. 

These tips are great for the kind of pictures uploaded above; no matter how complex they might seem, you will get ahold of it if you follow these tips. Now comes the most fun part, how to place an order. 

How to Place An Order for One of These Pictures? 

Some of you might get a little confused about how to place an order through a site. You might have questions popping up in your mind, "how will you send the picture?", "who will you talk to?". Don't break a sweat; it's easy. I'm going to inform you of the right way to place an order. 

  1. First, you need to choose a picture, of course. I would advise you to choose something that you think is easier and interesting for you rather than jumping on to the harder ones. Yes, it's easy to paint on a paint by-by-number canvas, but merging colors require some amount of skill. 
  2. To place an order, you need to visit Personalize Everything, go to their paint by number tab, and find a box saying upload a picture, upload your picture and move on to the payment. 
  3. Once you have inserted all your payment details and shipping address, you are good to go. 
  4. Now the last step is to wait for your masterpiece to arrive. 

Now you can go ahead and buy extra supplies if you think they are needed. 

You see, it's that simple to place an order for a paint-by-number canvas kit, then what are you waiting for? Your inner artist is invading your thoughts to break free, go on, and let it out through the best form of art.  

I would suggest you place an order as fast as you can because they have amazing discounts going on. 


I think these above are enough cool things to paint, even for beginners. All you need to do is save this picture, upload it on Personalize Everything- the best vendor to provide you with high-quality paint by several canvases, and then you're good to go. 

Don't waste any more time and unleash the hidden artist in you!

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