Things You Need to Know While Painting an Abstract Self-Portrait

Painting can be a fantastic part-time activity. But imagine painting abstract portraits. One might go on to assume, "how to paint an abstract portrait.” Because that would be more of a challenge for a beginner than fun.

Well, in that case, we have something interesting for you! Hang in there; this blog will fulfill your dream of painting abstract portraits without being a pro-painter.

A Little Background for Painting Abstract Self-Portraits

Abstraction in art requires complete attention and a focused mind. While portraits are created beautifully and reveal something about the essence of a person. 

Self-portrait paintings require adding fine details, and then they look fascinating and appealing. There are many kinds of art in which you can show your skills.

For example, you can do abstract portrait photography and make fascinating photo portraits. No doubt, every art requires regular practice, time, and dedication. 

Well, we can do self-portrait painting on different software as well. Technology has made editing more easily. However, painting with acrylic colors by hands has its charm and beauty.

We can’t neglect the work of an artist, whether the platform is the canvas or software. The artists know how to add beauty to their work and make an abstract painting. 

Now without wasting any time, let’s move to the easier tips you need to know while painting an abstract self-portrait.

Tips and Tricks to Perfect Abstract Portrait Paintings

In this write-up, you will learn and see the easier tips to help you while working on self-portrait painting. 

  • Let’s Get Started

If you are using any software to make portrait paintings, you need to get a device having a big screen such as computers and laptops. The small screen can make your work complicated since you have to pay heed throughout the painting process.

Moreover, adjust the brightness to high, making it easy for you to see the pictures. You can turn it down while editing your self-portrait painting. 

  • Don't Forget to opt For the Right Picture

While making a self-portrait, choose a good quality picture. If you don’t use the right picture after the editing, the results will be worst.

Furthermore, your picture must be 300dpi, or you can see the quality of a picture by zooming in. While zooming in, if the picture’s pixels don’t get split, then that's a heads up.

You are good to go with that particular picture!


Ideas for Portraits

  • Ideas for Portraits

Are you having trouble while getting portrait ideas? Stop worrying; we have some easy ideas before starting any portrait painting. 
  • If you are a beginner, it’s necessary to consider your skills. Just ask yourself, “are you capable enough to handle your first portrait”? Your first portrait must be a self-portrait, or a loved one’s portrait will be best for you as you don’t have strong and good expertise. 
  • It would be difficult for you to choose a family photo as the first portrait. Make sure to paint a portrait of a single person with balanced lighting. It will be much tricky for you to handle multiple objects having different angles and positions.
  • Turning Your Images into An Abstract Artwork

You can choose any software if you are familiar with it. After selecting the particular photo on which you are going to work, just click and upload the photo on the software. 
  • Start editing by clicking on the art tool on the toolbar. 
  • Now you are good to go for selecting the filters. There are plenty of filters on every editing application or software. The effects include nouveau, dreaming, Van Gogh, candy, and a lot more. 
  • You can choose filters according to your needs to get a good self-portrait. On the other hand, your editing requires other parameters to be done perfectly, such as boldness, opacity, brightness, etc.
  • Furthermore, you can convert your images into an abstract portrait to make it a physical painting.


Custom Paint by Numbers Art Kit

  • Turning Photos into A Unique Paint by Numbers

  • You have worked on abstract artwork; now, you can try working with personalized paint by number. Your photos can be easily transformed into a unique paint by numbers. 
  • You can bring your photos back to life with custom paint by numbers. As we know that pictures always lead us to our favorite memories so you can paint a picture of your family, loved one, and pet.

    It just depends on you, which picture you are selecting. However, every picture will bring an amazing and unique outcome. Moreover, receiving artwork from your favorite person will be a fantastic gift. 

Dog Personalized Paint by Number Photo

Paint by numbers helps you a lot in your artwork. It tells the people that being experienced and skilled is not essential while doing portrait painting.

You don't even require paints or brushes to start working; no prior knowledge is required either when you have paint by numbers kits. 

How amazing it is! This will give you the right boost needed to get started with painting abstract art faces.

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  • Do A Prefatory Drawing First

The first and the most important task in the abstract self-portrait is to sketch the face before bringing the paints to the canvas. If you are a beginner, it will help you to get your proportions right and facilitate the whole span of painting. 

If you are painting with your little one, you can guide them with these tips. More so, you can hand out an abstract self-portrait coloring page to your kids. The abstract self-portrait is not only a depiction of reality, it is a combination of skills, colors, and shapes.

You are required to have acrylic paints, water, and brushes for a marvelous piece of art. The high-quality brushes play a key role in your painting being fantastic. Personalize Everything has a very unique set of brushes that can color the edges of your painting with perfection.

  • Let Your Child Express Thoughts

Your kids have a lot of emotions and thoughts in their minds, and maybe they want to express their imagination in their own way. When you are working on self-portrait art with your little ones, make sure to give them freedom of mind. You will notice that the kids have self-expression that they want to show in the form of art.

Self-expression in the form of painting abstract portraits will help to increase their confidence. It broadens the child's minds and helps them express their feelings and thoughts on the canvas.

3 Paint by numbers in the making process

  • Prepare Before You Start

The whole process of abstract figure painting is not time taking, but it's important to be prepared before you start. You can view your picture on the laptop or desktop screen, as the big screen will provide you with great focus. Take the brightness of the screen to peak so you can view all the details of the image. 

Additionally, you are required to select the right picture of high quality. So that when it is converted into custom paint by the numbers, you get the best result. If you are a beginner and want to paint an abstract self-portrait, we recommend you select a simple picture.

  • Choose A Brighter Space for doing Portraits

When doing abstract self-portraits, make sure to select a brighter area for your work. The brightness of the surrounding has a great impact on the picture and the rest of the work. Light is an important artistic component as it helps to make the finest features of the painting. Most importantly, if the lighting is too warm or too cold, it can distort your efforts of color scheme.

It is the reason that proper lighting is essential for all kinds of artworks. Proper lighting helps the artist to remain focused and bring out more from the artist's mind.

More so, let us tell you that proper light is important for abstract self-portraits, not too much light. If the high-intensity light bulb generates too many UV rays, it can distort the colors of your artwork. The continuous exposure of the artwork to too much light can dull the vibrant color of the painting.

The recommendation is to choose the correct source of light that generates low heat. As a final note, the brightness or dimness of the light greatly impacts an artist's mind, which is why it is important to have moderate light while working.

  • Enjoy Your Painting by Making Different Expressions

Painting is a visual depiction of self-expression. When you are painting your abstract self-portrait, you are pouring your thoughts, communication, and ideas into the art.

The possibilities are endless when you are making self-portraits. You are at a free end to paint or express whatever you want. If you are supposed to work on a picture, collect all the images, and choose the one you think you can portray the best. Abstract figure painting seems intimidating, but the best way to overcome your fear is to just start it.

Abstract Self-Portrait Painting Ideas to Get You Inspired

If you are looking for abstract self-portrait painting ideas for eye-catchy results, then you are at the right site.

Small Painting

  • Work On Silhouette

If you want something extraordinary in portrait painting ideas, then silhouette photography will give you an interesting piece of art with a dramatic feel. All you need for the silhouette portraits is a bright source of light if you are working inside the studio. You can do the outside work on the silhouette best at the time of sunshine or sunrise.

But, there is no hard and fast rule. You can work anytime outside with different sources of light like a bonfire or a street light. Silhouettes' ideas give a moody feel to your art. The best thing about silhouette portraits is that whether you are shooting them outside or in a studio, it is among the easiest portraits to pull off.

  • Paint A Cubism Face

Have you ever tried an abstract self-portrait? If the answer is no, we strongly recommend you to try this unique piece of art. Abstract portrait painting is not like an ordinary painting, it's a magical art where you paint a human face, but most facial features are not prominent.

You can also define abstract self-portrait as an art of expression. It is a challenge to complete it perfectly because it requires some additional tips. The color scheme and the shape of the portrait deeply define the message and the emotion of the painting.  

Do you think that a cubist self-portrait is too tricky for you? No, with a basic tutorial and a step-by-step guide, you can do it best with fun. It is all about a two sided look of the face with the black bolded outlines.

  • Picasso Self Abstract Portrait

If you want to know your kids about the history of Picasso, then it's the best way to tell them about the great painter. What about creating an abstract portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso? First of all, if you are working with your little ones, instruct them to observe the paintings by Picasso. 

Ask them questions like what they are observing in the pictures. What are the prominent color themes in the picture? After that, it's time to start the drawing process. Firstly, instruct your little ones to sketch a head, either from their imagination or you can use a mirror.

Then instruct your little ones to make facial features like nose, eyes, mouth, ears, etc. The discussion is very important in the learning process of art. You can ask about the thoughts of your little ones about the painting. Let them give a free hand to pour their thoughts and imaginations into the painting. Now, it is time to add beautiful colors to the painting.

How to give the best colors to your painting for a unique masterpiece of art?

Well, all the professionals and painters know about the importance of the key role of high-quality brushes in painting. The quality of the brushes greatly impacts the speed and final result of the painting.

At Personalize Everything, we have high-quality brushes that will give your painting a smooth finish in the final result. We have ten pieces of the finest quality brushes including all the sizes for the different shapes and edges.

The best abstract painting figure results require the completion of the fine edges with a smooth finish.

Your investment in high-quality brushes will give a quicker result and a high-standard painting. So, if you are choosing new brushes for your abstract painting figure, save yourself from the extra work by selecting the best.

Paint by numbers on display

  • Experiment with Minimalism

In 1960 minimalism abstract art developed in America that focused on things like color, line, and geometry. It is a type of painting that focuses on a real image with limited color choices and precise lines on the geometric shapes. The purpose of this art is to focus on the basic elements so that the natural elegance of the art can be seen.

You don't need to be an expert in painting an abstract self-portrait. You have complete control over the subject because you are the subject. There are no hard and fast rules, you can bring changes.

But, you have to deeply focus on the fine details for the best results in the painting. Minimalist art depicts elegance in simplicity by focusing on the basic idea. It is different from other types of arts as it focuses on real-world aspects like individuals and everyday objects.

  • Create Multiple Exposure

Sometimes a single photo is not enough for your abstract portrait painting. It's completely Ok. You can use the multiple exposure technique, where you combine different images in a single piece of art. It allows you to explore deeper themes and the message in the one portrait.

This technique yields a very interesting result as the artist depicts two stories in a single image. It is among the self-portrait painting ideas where you can develop a personal taste for double exposure with a little practice.  

When you want to give someone a beautiful piece of art and don't know what to gift, a beautiful handmade painting is the best option. If you know about all the likes of your loved one, then the multiple exposure idea is the best option.

You can include all the likes of a specific person into a single piece of art. More so, if you want to convey your message through a showpiece of art, then multiple exposure painting can do the job for you.

Together we are stronger

  • Photograph Your Passion

Abstract self-portrait provides you with a great opportunity where you can express your taste and experience in the painting. Many artists choose to add additional choices about personal life in the self-portrait. You are at your free hand to convey your message to the viewers.

You can convey your passion through the different color themes or shapes. The artist who wants to show their taste in the art without any hard and fast rules will love this unique idea of the painting.

Abstract painting can be done beautifully with just a few important tips and considerations. It is a form of art that depicts self-expression with beautiful colors and shapes. The color scheme of the painting and the shapes strongly influence the message.

We recommend you take an initial step with a simple idea if you are a beginner and don't know how to start. When you are painting your image, make sure that the environmental conditions are supportive. Try to choose a location with appropriate light, and start your abstract self-portrait with a simple design. Happy Painting!

  • Give A Try to Abstract Expressionism

It is the form of the painting that is not confined to realism, where you attempt to paint your feelings rather than objects. It originated from the time of world war with the basic purpose of ''expressing feelings''. In abstract expressionism, the use of color and form plays a very important role as you are depicting yourself. You can paint your feelings by choosing the color scheme according to your thoughts.

Personalize Everything has a range of painting accessories that make your abstract painting figure a unique piece of art.

  • Action Abstract Self Portrait

Giving yourself a task to do in the abstract self-portrait painting gives a visual depiction of the mind to your art. Instead of simply trying a piece of art, you can incorporate a prop or action into your painting.

If you like action or a task, you can simply portray it in your painting by highlighting it with different colors.

You can also incorporate different poses or looks into your painting by combining your different thoughts. The multiple poses in a single painting can be a narration of a story or a thought.

We provide you with a fine range of brushes that can perfectly cover all the fine edges of your painting with elegance.

Girl painting

What Do You Need for Abstract Painting?

As we know that abstract art is not only about depicting visual reality, but also it uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural signs to achieve the effects. Being involved in art is always a great idea.

While doing abstract painting, you have to show reluctance to the world for a little period. Moreover, you must be focused, comfortable, and dedicated while doing self-portrait painting.

Abstract painting art is the most prominent art movement, also best known in history. You can create fantastic pieces of art by dipping your brushes into the paints. It doesn’t need bundles of art supplies.

Abstract painting requires acrylic paints, brushes, and water. It depends on the requirements of your painting as well, so you can use oil paints if you need them. 

    • Preliminary Phase

Initially, give yourself a try before you start working on canvas. This process will help you to make changes and get your proportions right.

Let’s suppose you’re working on a face portrait. Like other artists, you have to do struggle while making face features, but make sure you notice the following tips:

  • The space between the two eyes must be equal to the length of an eye.
  • The top part of the ear must be aligned to the brows. At the same time, the bottom of the ear must be a little lower than the bottom of the nose. 
  • When it comes to drawing a mouth, make sure the mouth is aligned with the pupil of an eye. You can use paints by number kits for the perfect results and can read about it in detail at personalized everything.


Good lighting example while painting

  • Lighting

When you are painting something, the lighting of the room is important.

Especially when you are doing an abstract portrait, the perfect lightening will allow you to gain contrast. 

Whilst doing portrait painting, we recommend you to have the light on one side of your head a little above the head. This position of light will give you an accurate shadow on the face.

  • Show the Real You

Being a beginner, an artist sometimes doesn’t show the real picture. However, doing portrait painting, it’s good to show the real you, which means showing yourself as you are. 

That means every wrinkle, flaw, blemish, and crooked should be shown in your painting. We don’t want to show these things and often forget.

But in the case of improving and learning, we should not neglect these things. If we start focusing on them, we can improve as an artist since portrait painting depicts the personality and essence of a person.


Use a mirror while painting

  • Use A Mirror

You might struggle with your setup. We recommend artists to use mirrors despite we know that you all can use the photos.

The mirror allows you to work from real life and gives a 3D effect when you are working with more than one mirror.

When you are working on a self-portrait painting, the mirror works the best. You place the mirror next to your canvas, where you don’t have to move and twist. The position of your mirror must allow you to see completely. 


Good posture while painting

  • Tools to Maintain the Right Position

Maintaining the correct position is very crucial for portrait painting abstracts. One tip that you can stick to is changing and trying a place you are most comfortable paintings.

Another thing that can be a life-saver in this situation is getting your hands on wooden stretchers.

What Else Should You Do While Abstracting an Acrylic Portrait?

If you are a newbie and trying your hands on portrait painting, then make sure to sit alone. Take out a time when nobody can disturb you. Surround yourselves with complete supplies, so you stay focused on your painting. 

On the other hand, there are certain types of portraits depending on the selection of colors and background.

The portrait artist just remakes or duplicates the face of a person on a canvas or other platform.

In abstract painting, the face of the person is recognizable. Types of abstract painting include realistic, acrylic facial fantasy, and others. 

  • Facial tones using different colors
  • Oversized or undersized or improper length of eyes
  • The shape of the nose is independent 
  • Assorted lip shapes 
  • Use objects to create blurring, dots, and splatter.
  • Non-brush techniques are used, such as cotton balls, knives, fabric swatches, and Scrapers.


Plump for Selective Colors For Your Palette

Plump for Selective Colors For Your Palette

Don’t go for all colors before start working since it’s not necessary to use all colors in a single portrait painting. Furthermore, you should not be confused about colors.

For skin tone colors, you can choose French ultramarine, white titanium, yellow ochre, burnt umber, and alizarin crimson. You can easily find these colors at any art supply mart. 

Moreover, you can use linseed oil to change the consistency of your paints. This oil increases the flow of your paints. Take a plastic container and pour some linseed oil into it.

While painting, dip the corner of your brush into it and then mix with colors. Make sure not to use this oil more as it will make your paints transparent. 

Start Working from Eyes

Always start your painting by working on your eyes. Dip your brush into white color paint to paint in the eyes first.

Go for the white part of the eyes and then fill in the pupils. There is always variation in the eye, especially in the white part. They are never pure white.

Use Light Colors On the Top

Always go for light colors when it comes to coloring the top layer. Light tones excluding white colors should be chosen for the top layer. You can mix peach color paint with yellow umber and white to give a warm look to your portrait.

Do editing until the painting feels complete and attractive. There is no finishing or ending point in abstract painting, and it is created intuitively. Nevertheless, we always have a gut feeling that can tell our painting is over and ready to display.


Pablo Picasso

Famous Abstract Portrait Painters

The famous abstract painters Picasso and Kandinsky created the most famous and incredible abstract portrait paintings.

Their portrait paintings showed many real-life objects, broken into bits and pieces and reconstructed in different astonishing shapes and figures.


It is concluded that being a beginner, it’s always a challenging task to do it painting. But paint by numbers has done an incredible job to ease the work of people by their customized features. 

On the other hand, abstract painting is not an easy task, but you can do it if you are passionate enough about abstract art face. Abstract painting captivates the attention of viewers and depicts the information of a person to a greater extent.

You can improve as an artist once you start doing it. Your self-portraits can be exciting and colorful for you every time. Don’t create panic, and stay calm throughout your portrait painting journey. Keep on practicing and wait for the day when you create a killer portrait. Happy painting! 

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