19 Tips To Get Your Art Noticed

Getting your art noticed is a lot like having a blog. You can get it started with a small number of posts, or you can start with a big one. You can go viral with it or start on the slow road to success.

It takes time to build up your audience, and that's where I come in. we are here to help you get your work seen by more people, increase your revenue and make more money from what you're doing now.

We will show you how to use our top proven strategies and tools to get views fast so you can start seeing the results yourself.

The best way to get your art noticed is to make it stand out.

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Tips To Get Your Art Noticed 

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Here are some tips we recommend when it comes to getting your art noticed:

  1. Be creative: You can't just paint a picture and hope someone will like it. You have to be creative with your design and make it unique.
  2. Have fun: Take some time off work and enjoy yourself while painting. It's much easier when you're not stressed at work or school, so don't forget about yourself.
  3. Use color: Color is one of the essential elements when it comes to getting your art noticed, so make sure you use plenty of colours in your painting and avoid using too many shades of the same colour on your canvas. Please don't use too many colors in your art. even one or two colors will help grab their attention and make them want to click on it.
  4. Try new techniques: Learn new techniques such as drawing or painting with watercolor markers, adding texture by giving the canvas texture using acrylic paints, etc. You'll find lots of these tutorials online if you search for "how to paint" on YouTube or other sites like Google Images or Pinterest.
  5. Choose a theme: Many themes are available online (like animals, food items or even holidays) that could inspire you to make your own paintings. Choose a theme or subject that appeals to your target audience. For example, if you’re selling custom paint by number kits for kids, choose something kids to like, like dinosaurs or superheroes.
  6. Website: Create a simple website with an attractive design and easy-to-understand content about your product line, including reviews from previous customers.
  7. Logo: Be sure to include the brand logo on every item in your collection, even if it's not visible in person (this makes a brand recognizable).
  8. Photos: Include photos of your products in the product descriptions so buyers can see them before purchasing them (and buy them). Please include pictures of your favorite art pieces so customers can see what they will get in their order. If possible, have a picture of yourself holding one of the finished pieces.
  9. Social media: Include links to your store, so people can connect with you and share the love. Take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to post pictures of your work and encourage people to follow you there as well as on other platforms where relevant (such as Instagram). Include links to your website where possible so people can learn more about you and your products. Use Instagram captions, Twitter hashtags, and Facebook cover photos to help direct traffic toward your store's URL.
  10. Know your audience: If you want people to know that you created this, include a watermark with your name or business name somewhere. You can also add a link to your website if you have one (or even just a link where they can find more information about themselves).
  11. Don't hide your art behind a paywall or subscription fee; instead, offer it free as part of an exhibition or event open to all members of the public (or a limited number of paying patrons).
  12. Don't let anyone tell you what your art should look like: this isn't a project for beginners, and if they can't see past their preconceptions, they probably won't understand anything else about what it takes to do good work anyway.*
  13. Try and keep it simple: if you can get away with using just one color in each letter (for example), then do so because this will make it easier for people to read what you're trying to say without having to strain their eyes too much.
  14. Don't worry about perfect proportion; it's okay if your head isn't strictly one-to-one with your body or if the nose is too long or short. Just keep drawing until you can draw something that looks good, then start over again.
  15. Know your products and their features: If you're working on a human figure, start with a circle at the bottom of the page and draw around it until you have a circle in each corner of your paper. Then draw lines between those circles (you can use different colors for these lines). Repeat this process until there are no more circles left in your paper, but go some space between each circle so that they don't look like they're touching each other when they're complete. It will give them depth and more shadowing later on.
  16. Give your art itself a name: it's easy to call it "art," but that doesn't give anyone any idea of what they're looking at or what it's all about. Be sure to include a title on your artwork so viewers can easily find it later on social media or in a gallery show.
  17. Make sure the people who see your work know exactly where they can buy it: If you have an Etsy shop or website, make sure that's where people will find it once they've seen the piece online (and maybe even before).
  18. Share photos of your work so others can see what you've done and get inspired! People love seeing other artists' work because we all want to be good enough at something that others will want to look at what we do too. Right!?
  19. Think of different ways you could use this as an art piece - perhaps even as a poster or something like that if you're feeling creative enough.


Custom paint by number kits is the best way to create a strong visual presence. These sets include all the paint and brushes you need to create a beautiful masterpiece. They are easy to use, fun, and competitively priced. Here we have given you 19 tips to get your art noticed.

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