14 Frequently Asked Questions About Paint By Number

If you're reading this blog post, it is probable that you are already knowledgeable about the concept of custom paint by number. Maybe you have already attempted it and relished the experience of designing your individual exclusive painting, or perhaps you are contemplating giving it a shot for the first time. Irrespective, it is likely that you have some questions concerning paint by number and how it operates. In this article, I will explore some typical questions about paint by numbers and present solutions to support you in grasping the mechanism.

Big Paint by Numbers Kit

Can I turn a photo of us into a paint by number?

Are you looking for a unique and personal way to capture your best moments on canvas? Look no further than our custom paint by numbers kits!
Here's how it works: simply choose a photo of the two of you that you love, and we'll turn it into a pre-drawn outline with numbered sections. Then, all you have to do is follow the instructions and fill in the colors - it's like a fun and easy DIY project for you both to enjoy together.

Are the paints included in the kit?

Paints? Check! Our paint by numbers kit comes with everything you need, including top-quality paints.

Paint by numbers with paint and brushes

What happens if I accidentally mix up the colors and paint the sky green and the grass blue?

Mixing up colors while working on a paint by numbers project can be discouraging. But there's a way to fix it. You can use the right color to cover up the mistake. Although it may take some time and precision, it's a technique that can save your painting.

In the worst-case scenario, if the paint by number is intended as a gift for someone, we do offer the option to reship the painting. In such cases, we will be happy to replace the canvas and send you a new kit so that you can start over and create a new masterpiece.
Regardless of the situation, we are always here to assist and ensure that you are completely satisfied with your personalized painting. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your experience creating your masterpiece is a positive one.

Are the brushes included in the kit suitable for even the most delicate of hands?

Are you tired of using subpar brushes that hinder your painting experience? With our custom paint by numbers kit, you can say goodbye to mediocre brushes and hello to a selection of high-quality brushes in different sizes. Enjoy painting like a pro with our top-of-the-line kit.

The brush is a painter's best friend, and with our kit, you can have multiple best friends. Our kit includes brushes of different sizes, each one designed to provide optimal performance and precision, making painting a breeze.

Mindset is Everything Paint by Numbers

Can I expect my custom paint by numbers creation to be displayed in the Louvre anytime soon?

Don't worry if you're not a natural-born artist, our paint by numbers kits will have you painting like Bob Ross in no time, you'll feel like Picasso, minus the weird hair and the cubism phase. The kit's systematic process allows even individuals who think they lack painting skills to make amazing paintings.

Create a unique and personalized piece of art that you'll cherish forever. The end result is comparable to the work of a professional painter, and the satisfaction and pride you'll feel from creating it are beyond compare. Our customers rave about the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment they experience from completing one of our kits. Whether you're looking for a therapeutic solo activity or a gift that's sure to impress, paint by number paintings are an excellent choice.

Is it possible to turn my beloved pet hamster into a custom paint by numbers masterpiece?

Turn your pet hamster's photo into a personalized work of art that you can display with pride. 

Create a stunning masterpiece with ease! Our kit empowers you to bring any vision to life, from a cherished family photo to a favorite landscape or even a snapshot of your furry friend.

Turn your photo into paint by numbers custom

Will I be able to impress my friends and family with my newfound painting skills, thanks to the custom paint by numbers kit?

Display your custom paint by numbers creation and watch it pique the curiosity of those who see it, sparking new conversations and impressing your friends and family with your artistic skills.

Is it possible to customize the size of the canvas to fit the dimensions of my grandiose vision?

Our paint by numbers kits are available in three standard sizes: 12x16 inches (30x40 cm), 16x16 inches (40x40 cm), and 16x20 inches (40x50 cm), with our team of experts specifically recommending the 16x20 inch (40x50 cm) canvas as the ideal choice for creating a masterpiece with intricate details and ample space.

Is it possible to request a specific type of paint, such as edible or glow-in-the-dark paint?

Be Visionary: Although we cannot currently fulfill requests for a particular paint type, we are visionary in our approach and actively seeking out new materials and solutions to meet the needs and expectations of our customers now and in the future.

Paint by numbers in group

What happens if I make a mistake and paint outside the lines? Will I have to start the entire process all over again?

Making a mistake and painting outside the lines is a common occurrence, and it is certainly not necessary to start the entire process all over again.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes in your painting. Just let the paint dry and then gently fix any errors with white paint and a small brush, flawlessly blending the correction into your artwork.

Is it possible to request a paint by numbers kit with larger numbers, for those with less-than-perfect vision?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need larger numbers on your custom paint by numbers kit, and we'll work diligently to modify the kit to meet your individual needs.

What happens if I realize halfway through the painting process that I don't like the picture I chose to customize? Can I get a refund?

If you're unhappy with your kit, know that we're here to help. We may be able to reship a new design of your choice, provided you meet our criteria for refunds and it hasn't been too long since you ordered.

Is it possible to request a paint by numbers kit with smaller numbers, for those who enjoy a challenge?

For the challenge-seekers out there who prefer smaller numbers on their custom paint by numbers kit, we're here to make it happen. Contact us right after placing your order, and our team of experts will accommodate your request and provide you with a kit that meets your needs.

What happens if a specific paint finished

If you find yourself running low on a specific paint shade during your painting process, don't worry. We're willing to provide a replacement - just contact us.

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