Personalized Photo Paint by Number Kit

Paint by numbers custom is a fun, special, and unique way to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.

It’s the festive season (again!) and it’s raining gifts all around.

Coming up with what to get a loved one or how to celebrate with them can be a bit of a headache. You are thinking: I want to show how much they mean to me, I want to make a lasting impression in the best way possible, I want to make the most of the remaining days in the year, I want to spend quality time with the people I love.

Paint by Numbers

There is no better way to do this than purchasing a paint by numbers kit to get your hands a little bit dirty. It works all the time.

Think outside the box to get a loved one a custom paint by numbers of any picture of your choice, preferably a photo with the both of you together, sharing a special moment.

Whatever you choose, custom paint by number is a great way to express how much you truly care about a loved one. It’s also a great way to celebrate this festive season.

A finished paint by numbers picture represents effort, commitment, and attention - all the things a relationship needs to succeed.

Getting your loved ones a custom paint by numbers picture may as well be the best decision ever!

Before we go on, let’s be sure you know what paint by numbers is, and how you can get custom paint by numbers for yourself or loved ones.

Paint by Number Art Kit

What is paint by numbers?

Paint by numbers is a painting technique where the picture on a canvas is subdivided into different shapes or parts that are numbered. These numbered parts or shapes usually have corresponding numbered colors to match.

The task of the user is to correctly apply the numbered colors to the corresponding numbered location on the picture. As the user does this, the finished or intended picture slowly begins to emerge.

You don’t need any special training, once you can stroke a brush, you can paint using the kit.

Personalized Custom Paint by Numbers Gift

How to get custom paint by numbers?

Now you know what paint by numbers is, the next thing we are going to looking at is how you can get custom paint by numbers kit.

Getting custom paint by numbers is very easy if you know what to do.

If you want to get a custom paint by numbers kit to gift a loved one a hand-painted picture, all you need to do is upload the right picture you want to paint.

We will do the conversion for you and send a kit your way immediately. The kit will include a paintbrush, your converted picture, and numbered colors enough to complete your work.

However, there are things you must look out for before uploading your picture on our site.

1.   Select the right photo

While you must upload a picture that means much to you and your loved one, you must also pay attention to ensure that the picture meets certain criteria, like:

The picture size: the picture size you want to upload should not be less than 500 pixels in height and width. Anything lesser than this will make conversion a bit difficult and affect the quality of your finished work.

Background: Upload pictures with a simple and decluttered background to enhance the subject's quality. When you upload a cluttered background, the software will focus on detailing the background depriving the subject of attention. The result is that you will have a painting with the subject having lesser details than the background.

Keep in mind that a custom paint by numbers kit usually comes in 24 or 36 color options. You don’t want to upload a picture with a very ‘colorful' background that will consume much of the color. Instead, you want the focus to be on the subject.

Lighting and Position: Also, pay attention to your picture lighting and position. To get the best result, upload a picture taken close up with smooth lighting. The picture you upload must be taken close up so that much of the background is not seen. The closer the subject, the lesser the detail in the background.

Find the right balance between your favorite picture and the criteria above to get the best results. You may also wish to upload a couple of your favorite pictures so that you have options to pick from.

2.   How to Upload the right picture

After you have selected the right picture you want for a custom paint by number for your spouse or loved one, the next thing is to upload the picture.

You can do this in two different ways:

Either you fill the picture upload form. OR

 You email us a copy of the picture at support@personalizeverything.com

3.   Finalize the purchase

Once you’ve selected, uploaded your picture, and completed the kit purchase on our platform, the conversion starts immediately to deliver the kit to you as quickly as possible anywhere in the world. Shipping is FREE.

 Get Your Painting By Numbers Kit

Why Paint by numbers?

There are different constructive reasons to choose custom paint by numbers for Christmas. This option offers many benefits. Let’s look at some of them:


1.   Therapeutic effects:

The most interesting benefit of opting for paint by numbers this Christmas is its health benefit.

‘Paint by number’ users have widely reported on the relaxation and therapeutic effect this painting technique has on them.

That means that not only will you be getting your loved one a gift he or she would love, you would also use the opportunity to relax and improve your health.

If as a shared activity with your family, not only will you spending quality time with your children, you will also be improving their well-being without spending a dime on drugs.

The feeling of accomplishment you derive from seeing your completed painting also generates a great feeling within you. If you’ve ever completed a difficult task say running a marathon, graduation, meeting up with a tight deadline, and so on, you can relate to the feeling of seeing and reaping the fruits of your labor.

This feeling also reinforces your energy and motivates you to do more. It also strengthens relationships.

Paint By Numbers Kit

2.   Easy to Use:

Paint by numbers is arguably the easiest type of painting to do. You don’t need to be a professional artist to paint by numbers kit. You don’t have to be interested in painting, nor do you have to be creative to be great at it.

Custom paint by numbers can be used by anyone who wants to. Once you paint the corresponding color within its outline part, you are good to go! As you color every numbered part with the corresponding numbered color, the finished work slowly begins to emerge.

3.   The perfect gift:

As we’ve said earlier, custom paint by numbers can be a great gift to a loved one. Imagine receiving a gift of a painting done by someone you truly care about.

How much you will appreciate the time, energy, and attention that went into creating the art. Now imagine you are the one gifting a loved one and generating that feeling in them.

4.   Paint your favorite picture:

Paint by number offers you a chance to paint your favorite picture. Perhaps you have always wondered what it would be like to have a copy of your favorite picture with a loved one painted on a genuine canvas paper hanging on your wall.

Not only can you do that now, but you also have the chance to create a picture for a loved one as a present for Christmas.

It’s nice to have your special moments with loved ones elsewhere other than images taken with your phone, start uploading to get stroking!

Custom Paint by Number

5.   A chance to bond with loved ones:

Apart from painting for a loved one, you can purchase custom paint by numbers kit as a group of friends, or a family, individually or collectively to paint together as a fun activity.

You can organize painting sessions this Christmas where you invite friends, family members, including kids to take part in a collective painting session either on one canvas with everyone taking turns until the painting is complete, or you can purchase individual kits for everyone to paint pictures they want.

As parents, you might be looking for a fun and unique activity to share with your children as a family. Whether you are on vacation or indoors, paint by number session should be included in your to-do list this festive season.

Activities like this offer great opportunities to bond, discuss, share ideas, as friends and family. Whether your friends or family members are art lovers or not, it doesn’t matter because it is fairly easy to paint using the kit.


Wrapping it up: A perfect gift for this season

A lot has happened this year, and we want to put everything behind us and move on.

The festive season is a great time to celebrate and recuperate with loved ones. Perhaps you want to gift a special hand-painted photo to a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, family member, or you are looking for a meaningful activity with no pressure to relieve your mind from stress during this festive season. Or you are looking to share a fun activity with a few friends or family this Christmas.

Whatever it is, custom paint by number kit will help you achieve your goals. If it’s a shared activity with friends or family that you want, suggest it to them and see what they say.

Paint by numbers is a great gift because it’s a unique and personalized way to celebrate a special event or cherished memory with a loved one.

Remember, you don’t need any expertise at all to be great at it. Once you’ve received your custom paint by numbers kit (after selecting and uploading the right picture), the only thing left is to color within the lines by matching the numbered colors to the corresponding numbered parts of your custom picture one after the other.

As you do this you will be amazed at how much of an artist you’ve had in you all this time.

Ensure you upload the right picture to get the best result. Pay attention to the lighting of the picture, upload a picture taken up close with a simple background, ensure the photo size is at least 500 pixels in height and width.

Also, select the picture that means a lot to you and your loved one. Find out what they love, and paint it. It could be a pet, a place, anything you know means a lot to them.

Paint by numbers is a perfect option to consider if you are thinking of how to spend Christmas with loved ones, or what to gift a friend. You will have a good time working with your hands, and the receiver will appreciate your gift for its uniqueness and effort.  

It also offers a great way to rewind and relax your mind from the bustle of life.

It’s a no-brainer! Upload your favorite picture to receive the custom kit you need to start painting!

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